I had all three of my dates this weekend!

Saturday coffee- he was pretty cool. We talked and walked around for almost 3 hours. He is very different from me personality-wise. I doubt we will go out again but he wrote a nice testimonial on my page!

Saturday dinner- nice guy. Very easy to talk to...he has ALOT of bagage and is actually on probation. So...not too sure if we will go out again, Im still deciding if I had sparks with him or if he was just a cool guy to hang out with!

Saturday drinks- after dinner date my roommate and I went downtown to watch Phelps win his 8th medal. So I called up the guy I was supposed to meet Sunday for coffee because I knew he lived downtown and he came out with a freind. We all walked around and bar-hopped and hung out. I didnt drink because I was driving but we all got along and he was HOT!! He is from Poland and is just my type in every aspect He gave me a nice hug and a kiss at the end of the night and we went on our ways. Its funny though because my new apartment is literally down the street from his. So we are going to be neighbors! We talked yesterday but have not made plans to meet again...so I shall just wait and see

So...1 out of 3 isnt bad!! Maybe it is all a numbers game. I was so less stressed on all the dates because I knew I had 2 others to compare them to.
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"