Hi Candy!

Inderdaad, ik ben een Suri-Dogla uit Nederland!

My holy grails right now (pre-testing BBD/Kemi/Suave Con) are:

-Humectress by Nexxus, been using that for years and years now
-Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion (fabulous fabulous!! and CHEAP!!)
-Honey and olive oil mixed with my conditioner
-Creme of Nature Shampoo, I hardly ever shampoo (I do the no-poo thing), but when I do, this is the one!

Other great products I use are:
-L'anza Styling Cream (Urban Elements)
-L'anza Hair Polish (Urban Elements)

The styling cream is great for fat chunky curls that go north-south (it's a great product for adding weight to your hair) and the hair polish ives great shine and smells soooo good!

Now tell me your HG's!

xoxo / bossi-brasa (that's Surinamese for kiss and hug)