Musica-al, I made a batch of your spray recently & my DH (a 3A/B) wanted to try it, so I gave him a bottle. He loves it! He co-washes everyday, so then he sprays this into his hand and scrunches it all over and air-dries. He's been getting these beautiful ringlets in the back of his shoulder-length hair, and nice springy spirals everywhere else!

As for me, I'm such a PJ that it's hard for me to stick to one routine , but the times that I did try your spray, I had nice definition. Next time I make a batch, I'm going to use the Suave Coconut cond instead of the V05 Strawberry one, and I think I'll use it more often...something about that Strawberry scent gets to me after awhile. Thanks again for your recipe
3A/B; mid-back length when dry; brownish-reddish (color-treated)
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