Admittedly, I used to hate my curly hair, but it seems we all do at some point.

There are girls at my school who are obsessed with straight hair, and curly hair is very rare, especially considering the huge 'scene' base there. Anyhow, I know tons of those girls scowl at the mere sight of my hair, because straight is the 'thing'. It's so 'pretty' and 'hip'. In the mall some girls seriously glared at me because my hair was super curly and crazy.

However, I was always lucky with my friends, who loved my hair, loved to 'sproing' my hair, and beg me for my hair. It used to baffle me, because I thought it was annoying, and always tangled. Although, one thing I didn't understand was why they liked it so much, because back then I didn't take good care of my hair, so it was always messy and tangled.

My sister has curly hair, too. She wished she had a fro, actually. She loved fros. :]

I am pleased to say my boyfriend loves my hair. He finds it beautiful and original. There's too much straight hair, and it's so boring!

Although, one time at school I was complaining to a friend about all the straight hair, and how no one seems to want to be different, or have fun hair, and he said he liked straight hair. Ughh!

But no, I was always picked on. I was the one with crazy, frizzy, curly hair, so that was one reason to hate one. I also had a uni-brow (gone now, yay!), large front teeth, and I was smart. Although, no one minded the smartness. They would talk to me whenever they needed help. Suddenly they liked me when they wanted help with school work. I'm not really a nerd (although I do play video games and watch things like Star Wars), because I dress girly, but I used to dress rather odd. I don't know, I was just a walking freak show, so they had to hate me, without knowing what a kind, loving, accepting person I am.

Sorry for your bad experiences, though. :[

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