I am biracial and when I was four my father married a black woman with naturally 4b hair but used relaxers to tame it. She was only nineteen when they married so she didnt understand how to care for my 3b/c curly hair. I was given blowouts which just made my hair extremely thick, flatirons, greese and hotcombs were my sunday night routine before school.

Eventually, my long hair started breaking off and the poofy hair was okay for long hair but my mom felt i need a relaxer if my hair was going to be straight.

I used to be so envious of the other mixed girls who got to wear their curls. I remember in ninth grade a boy who accidently burned my hair told me, " that sucks that you are mixed but you dont even get the benefits of having mixed hair"

That wasnt as bad as in middle school when my hair never stayed in place like it was supposed to. I was always teased about how my hair never grew or why it was always frizzy when i got to school.

Even after my big chop months ago, people were askin me why dont you get a relaxer?
i was like are you serious?! After i just spent months transitioning, got mad one day and just said okay cut all my relaxed hair off?!