i absolutely pinky-promised that i've searched. but quite fruitlessly, so i thought i might as well ask. i've nto been having any luck with my diffusion techniques (though admittedly this could be because being quite wary of a blowdryer i opted for the most inexpensive model.)

so yes... detailed instructions? vague directions? pictorial guide?
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Pixiecurl is the method I use ... it works amazingly well ... avoiding the fly-away frizzies you can get when you're using a diffuser.

You put your hair into the diffuser; put it right up to your head and THEN you turn on the hair dryer. If it is getting hot at your scalp, you can use the cool shot on your hair dryer ... and then go back to the heat setting. BEFORE you move the hair dryer/diffuser, you turn off the hair dryer.
I think the true pixiecurl method says to use the low setting on the hair dryer.
I use the hot / high setting on the hair dryer. My hair takes forever to dry. As long as I turn off the hair dryer before I move it, it works great.
This is the only way that I can dry my hair without ending up with frizzy fly-aways.
The other thing that I have found that makes big difference with the hair dryers is negative ions. I paid a lot of money for my hair dryer, but I think they have less expensive ones now that have the negative ions. My hair dries faster and less frizzy since I've had this hair dryer ... the pixiecurl method just perfected it !!

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I've tried it exactly this way and while I get no frizz at all, I also get no volume AT ALL. I get really tight curls that don't seem to loosen when I scrunch after they dry. I've just been doing the old way of diffusing and dealing with the little bit of frizz because my hair looks ten times better with all the volume. Any tips???
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