My name "curlygurney" is the name I was called the entire time I was growing up. My last name was Gurney. I was also call Brillo Pad a lot. I didn't like that very much.

I have also been told my hair looks like cotton candy.

And one time as a kid I was at a slumber party. I woke up with the girl next to me touch my hair. When I asked her what she was doing she said my hair looked like a spider web and she wanted to touch it.
Hair Type: 3b with a little 3a mixed in
Stylist: Annah at Phia Salon in Columbus, OH
Shampoo: I rarely use but when I do it is Abba True Shine
Conditioner: ABBA Creme Masque
Leave in: A dime size of ABBA Creme Masque
Style product fall/winter: Two squirts of Jesse Curl Confidient Coils and one two finger scoop of pink boots
Style product spring/summer: KCCC and CK
password: easy123

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