As soon as I saw the report on MSNBC, it occurred to me that the braids were there because she was transitioning, and she did the Big Chop over the holiday break.

I think it takes guts to make that change when working in such a conservative environment. (though, now that I think of it, some of the ghastly comb-overs those old guys on The Hill are sporting are much more disturbing than a few happy curls, but, I digress...)

I think the cut and the highlights are beautiful, and make her look 10 years younger. I wonder what her hair care routine is! And if shes ever seen this site!

Thanks for publishing the name of that Jack*ss that made those comments. One of the MSNBC hosts mentioned that some conservative radio hosts had made some horrible racist comments about her hair, but he didn't give a name. I'm keeping my eye on that guy. Putz.
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