I was called poodle, frizzy, all the generic comments but I think the worst was someone stuck a sticker on my back that said "I have nappy hair" I am a pale white girl so that does not apply nor would I ever say anyone else has nappy hair because I think it's mean. I also heard cracks about how much hairspray, etc I used. No one seemed to grasp that at the time it was the only way I knew to keep it under control. I tried to straighten for awhile but that was just too much work and if it rained or the wind blew too hard, forget it. I spent pretty much all my school years in a ponytail or bun. Sometimes I wish the people that made those comments could see my now but then I think their opinions probably haven't changed much, too small minded.
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Woah woah woah. I find that really ignorant. When someone says you have nappy hair, why would you take that as mean? It may be untrue for you, but it is certainly not mean and derogatory. Nappy means tightly coiled, curled. I have nappy hair, and I am proud of it. it doesnt mean my hair is like the sahara desert or tangled. You and others should really look up definitions some times.

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