Here are some websites for you that sell great stuff (a lot of the stuff I use is natural-I find it easier to understand the ingredients lists and I find a lot of cg drugstore stuff is hard to find!)

Poundland- def get the V05 moisture milk range conditioners
Holland and Barrett- great for finding stuff, they do Australian Organics conditioners which are my fav, plus others, also sell Linseeds, which you use to make Flaxseed Gel (a great, cheap home made gel-find the recipe on recipe thread)
Superdrug - pure coconut oil in small tubs
Superdrug or Boots -usually do own naturals/organic range of conditioner (not completely natural) but may well be cg
- Inecto (sp?) conditioner where coconut is a big ingredients
- Shockwaves/ V05 hair gel
Boots-def get their own curl creme (pink in big tub) amazing for creating ringlets

For the more talked about stuff on this board you have to pay more shipping but here are some sites
Curlmart here on naturally curly ( will have bigger shipping costs)

No strictly cg but their stuff is big at the moment (plenty of threads if you search, and their shipping is actually very gd!