I haven't been posting here much, but I have been doing yoga. Not sure where I left off here, but wow, I had a big yoga week last week. I was off from work and decided I was going to try to do about an hour of yoga every day, something I've never done before. I managed to do about 70 minues, ashtanga primary series, on M, T, W, and Sat.

On F I did about 50 minutes upon waking up. I didn't eat beforehand, and that always makes me weak and dizzy, so I cut it a little short.

I only skipped Thur because of pet illness. I was so stressed, I couldn't get to doing yoga. Which always in hindsight strikes me as so counterintuitive. Those are the days when I need it most!

Took Sunday off as well, but I'm back at it today with primary series, as soon as the 2 hour post-lunch window has closed.

What I'm noticing is a very rapid improvement in form, endurance and technique. It's pretty cool.