Styling product i use fantasia ic olive gel, or sometimes this curl keeper lotion from africa`s best.
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Hello I'm not in the UK, but when I looked at the Africa's Best curl lotion ingredients at a local store yesterday, there was at least 1 'cone in it. It's possible that the ingredients aren't the same over there as they are in the states, but i wanted to give you a heads up.

That being said, the Africa's best oil makes a GREAT DT, and it's basically just a hodgepodge of a million different oils, without any questionable content
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Yes you are right the curl lotion does contain meithcone i believe...not to sure if thats the worst kind but i dont use it much, only if i want a more natural look. Yeh their herbal oil is great its just all 100% oils which is a bargain for the price.

I did hear that sta sa fro does a curl lotion called 2 in 1 moisturizer and activater and it contains only like 7 ingredients, heard its much better then the africa`s best so i will look for that one, it comes in a orange bottle so iam going to find that product, it does leave my hair crispy when i use the africa`s best.