My hair is pretty fine textured but thick and also some very kinky hairs that won't do *anything* at the top of my head. I've tried plopping, although not too many times. I think my problem is that if I apply the product and then "plop", the towel or t-shirt or whatever soaks up a lot of the product. Then when my hair dries, it's almost TOO soft, becuase it doesn't have a lot of product left in it. The curl falls out and gets bushy if it doesn't have product to hold it together. I usually scrunch with a towel once I've applied my mousse, but can't leave a towel around my hair for too long or too much product gets soaked up by the towel. Oh well!
3a blonde hair, a mix of fine/coarse, and lots of it! I'm using Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner just about every day, with Herbal Essences Max. Control Mousse.