So sorry for the double post everyone, but I just saw this post on clipping in the general forum and was wondering if that's what you were describing upthread about how MaryAnn clipped you, JodyGK. Are you still around?

chicpower was asking yesterday about clipping and I have had several PMs asking me how I clip since I no longer suffer from flat top. Since TS Faye has decided to park over the city of Atlanta for the day, and golfing was out of the question, I have too much time on my hands and decided to take some pics!

I describe my method in the pictures, but basicaly I pretend I am going to wrap the hair around my finger, but instead I just create a "hump" and clip it at the bottom. This has worked wonders for my flat top.
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Then, since we didn't have 3 hours to wait for my hair to air dry, she asked if she could use the blow dryer with the diffuser so she could see how my hair curled up and if more cutting was needed. Duckbill clipped at the top in a way I'd never seen but I love the result. She took strands of my hair, found the natural loop and clipped the looped strand so the loop stood straight up. This method gave me more lift at the top than I'd ever gotten by just clipping close to the scalp. Hope I can duplicate this at home.

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