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update 4.27.06

so i went to devachan before!!! heres my story
i woke up at 6 to register for fall classes which was good because it allowed me to wash & air dry my hair in the morning before i went. i got the devachan around 11, an hour early but i sat there shaking i was so nervous. when i walked into the salon, i was in awe of all the beautiful curls. ive never seen so much nice hair in my life!! i felt like i had the worst hair in the place lol.

jeff took me at 12 sharp. he was super sweet, he was from staten island just like me which was pretty cool. i told him i wanted to keep me length and he ensured me i wouldn't lose much but my ends were beyond dead (which they were, thanks to a previous hairdresser cutting my hair with *gasp* a razor) so he was snipping piece by piece ever so patiently which i thought was really cool. i like cutting on dry hair better i think. i told him i had put relaxers in my hair and wanted to grow them out and he said that's good and i might notice 2 different textures to my hair once im on the cg method but be patient and let it grow. which i will. i also asked him how damaged myt hair was and he said the ends were pretty bad, the middle was alright but my new roots were in very good shape. he told me to use a lot of conditioner and absolutley no shampoo. i thought i did this already but i guess i need more conditioner.

after he was done cutting, one of the stylists (i feel so horrible i forgot her name! she was so pretty though) took me to the sink and she was just as nice. she told me to forget about shampoo that i can never shampoo again and that i will start no pooing. the scalp massage was amazing it was pretty cool how i got to lay down near the sink instead of sitting. normally since i have slight fibromyalgia syndrome (pain in the neck and back muscles) sometimes the "shampooing" at the sink bothers me, but this didnt. she also told me to put on one c (conditioner) before no poo and then more after. then we went over to have my hair styled. she told me i'm a wavie but i noticed my curls lost curliness and were more defined waved since jeff cut it (more on this later). she put be-leave in in my hair and then i had my head upside down, i had to shake it side to side and she put angell in. and then more angell. and then more angell. LoL it was a lot of gel (at least to me) and she was scrunching with paper towels she said it eliminates frizz. oh yea and she also applied the gel to my hair when it was dripping wet, and then toweled it after. after that she put clips at my roots to give it life and i sat under a hood dryer for a while

while under the dryer my hair felt so stiff i was having a panic attack but jeff reassured me once its down drying the gel magically gets scrunched out to soft waves. well he was right. once again my head got flipped over (something im not used to) and i watched in pure amazement at mega crunched hair turned to goddess soft waves.

the end result- i loved how they clipped the roots of my hair because i always thought my part looks weird- turned out i wasnt parting my hair naturally. i know jeff said he didnt take a lot off but for me, this legnth is tooo short the waves look really good but its not as curly since wavy hair gets less curly the shorter it gets.

the way jeff shaped my hair is absolutley fantastic,-he gets an A+ for that! it is a great cut, i just personally wish it was longer. i know ultimatley the ends were dead and needed to go so itll be better in the long run. im looking at is optimistically as i got rid of some relaxed hair. im also not used to it yet, it takes me a while to adjust to haircuts.

right now i kind of feel my waves arent defined to their maximum capability, but my hair likes to go into shock right after a cut so i know they'll look better in a wash or 2.

overall, i do miss my length but hey it grows fast. im going to do the cg routine (or try to, its hard for me to stay away from curls rock!) because i heard the cg rountine makes hair grow more. i wound up buying no poo, one condition, beleave-in, and angell oh yea and the deva clips and a cute devachan tshirt that says fry eggs (well theres a pic of fried eggs) not hair. deva forever on the front and on the back is a blowdryer with the line through circle symbol (think like no smoking type symbol) and says find something else to blow. not hair. deva curl. i thought it was cute.

my mom & boyfriend loved my hair. my boyfriend thinks it looks better at this length, i politely told him enjoy it before it grows because i like it longer (im stubborn) any opinions you guys have will be GREATLY appritiated on the new cut, i made an album check my link below.

i have 2 questions for you guys if its okay

whats a good cg friendly cream? (i prefer cream over gel, so ill prob use angell as a final step)

and also, the lady who normally cuts my hair also colors it and i need my roots touched up BAD. i want to go the end of may, but shes going to obviously see someone else cut it. WHAT DO I DO??? i feel bad, ive been going to her for 3 years now and i feel like i cheated on her, but at the same time, she used to cut my hair with a razor now LoL. should i go to someone else all together? how much is coloring at devachan?

jeff told me to come back in 4 months. thats too soon i'm probably going to wait 6. i'm thinking about getting a deep treatment at the ouidad salon in july before i go on vacation just to see how they style my hair (no scissors!!!)then i will compare it to devachan to see which styling i like better.

i def recommend jeff. he listened to me and it wasnt his fault my ends were so dead to begin with. it really is a great cut like i said earlier, once it starts growing in and i get my length back i will love it.

i will post more pics once i condition and style itmyself for the 1st time after cut

thanks everyone in advance for opinions!!! sorry for posting results so late i was in the city a while then went straight to my b/f's and just got home now.

original post: 6 days until devachan

EDIT ON 4.26.06-
so devachan called me to confirm my appointment, and i found out my stylist is jeff. anybody ever have their hair done with him?? i'm so excited for tomorrow!!! the past 2 weeks ive been passing devachan on the expressbus thinking i cant wait to go i cant wait to go and now its here! i have to wake up at 6am to register for fall classes so i'm going to wash my hair in the morning (im going to use curls rock system since i think it works the best for me) so they see fresh waves on me instead of 2nd day hair. my appointment is at noon so it should be dry in time. i'm going to bring my camera but i might or might not be too shy to take pics in the salon, I'll see. either way i will take before & after pics! i'm going to make a list tonight of everything i want to tell Jeff about my hair and what I want done to it & I'm bringing my list b/c I'll probably be so excited I'll forget. Results will be posted by tomorrow night! =)

p.s. i'm updating my hair album with pics of the silking curl-reactivating cream in a few minutes so if you want,check it out!

so a few curlies were nice enough to tell me a little about devachan through some PMs. I have less than a week to go before my big appointment & i am soo excited, but equally nervous!

any and every little bit of advice you can give me for the big hair day will be GREATLY appritiated. i know i have to style my hair before i go because they cut it dry. im used to just going to a salon looking blah and having them make me pretty so this is different all together. did anyone not do their own hair beforehand? what happened?

what do i tell my stylist about my hair? i only wants the ends trimmed really because i want to grow it out but i want more curl definition and i need to learn how to style it better. i should prob tell them its been relaxed right? and that i like air drying it?

do you have to buy all the products? i always feel bad saying no in salons so i have bought stuff i never used in the past.

do they sit and talk to you about your hair at all before they cut?

i dont know who my stylisy is yet b/c i forgot to ask and i called back the # and it said press 2 to talk to an operator so i wasnt sure if that was the salon or not

thanks curlies & wavies for your help in advance

p.s. whats the closest stop or main street (via subway) to get off to get to the salon? i always pass it on my way home on the bus but my ride goes so quick i never see the sreet signs. im taking the expressbus in but thats leaves me somewhere on 6th ave so ill probhave to hop on a train to get there