I have been wearing my hair curly on this first week of school and I have got alot of responses like
"whoah...what happened to your hair?"(this was a girl with pin straight hair) (I never wore my hair curly last year) and I responded it's curly right now. then the girl went "oh....it looks funny." and then a girl with us that had relaxed hair said "and it needs to be straightened badly." and i just said "if I wanted to straighten my hair i would." and just ended the conversation. And then when i went home i started cracking up at the whole thing. I like my hair...and i wont let anyone change that.
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Napptural Anniversary 6/27/08
Hair Loves: EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel, Protein Conditioners
Hair Hates: Sulfates, Daily Hair Drenchings with Water, Gels with alot heavy PVP's