But it still rubbed me a bit raw. Especially, especially when I saw that whole "non-chemical/heat manipulation" trend start happening. It's like, um excuse me, so someone's going to be crucified for asking a question about using gel to eliminate frizzies, yet there are step-by-step guides to using elastic bands to wrap sections of wet hair so they dry straight?

Oh, wait, more manageable.

Oh, wait, it's just another styling option.

Oh, wait, no, either come down on all of them equally or rethink the underlying principle. Because a lot of people on that site got just as caught up in altering the state of their natural hair in a so-called "nappy-approved" manner, as did the people who were caught up in pouring on entire bottles of conditioner+silly putty+monkey manure onto their hair to make curls fall out of the sky. Some people lived in two/four/six/eight/selective justice is so great-strand twists exactly because they have not grown used to their natural texture and might even fear it.
So true. And it's that double standard that is not attractive, or honest. Yet at the same time I understand the importance of np.com
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