I remember those days when some of the nappturality posters were active here. Frankly, I'm glad Dee created the site so that they could get the heck outa here!! This became a much more peaceful place when they left. Good riddance!!
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What were things like before these posters left?
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When I first joined this site (2001) everything was relatively peaceful. I don't remember any heated arguments about other people's hair choices. When someone asked about straightening, texturizing, or definition, other posters would respond with helpful hints, product recs, or what works for them.

Then a small, but vocal group of women started to attack those who wanted curl definition accusing them of wanting "good hair". There seemed to be curly vs. nappy WAR going on. I even remember a white woman being darn near beheaded for asking for help taming her biracial child's hair. It was a mess!!

Then, Dee started nappturality, all those women posted more there and less here. Eventually, the peaceful environment returned!!
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OY- I so so remember those days. I actually took a leave of absence from NC.com b/c I couldn't take the conflict! I remember
  • transitioners (some who are here to this day and 100% natural now) who were chastised for transitioning too slow - JUST DO THE BC!
  • a certain poster who did the BC and labeled herself as 4a. She (her hair) was ADORED for it's texture and curl. Quietly, I always thought she was more in the 3 range. At any rate, she went and got a silkener from Curve. IMO, her hair looked similar. She was persona non grata afterward. She was slammed, made to defend her actions, and accused of never being 100% natural. I felt so sorry for her.
  • a certain poster who was labeling herself as 4a being called out for not being nappy enough. Her curls weren't stirrer size... COME ON!!!
When said site first started, I was all into it. I didn't realize it was for more tightly textured hair - in fact, I do not think it was originally stated as so. I allowed my pictures to be posted on the site on the hair type page and was labeled 3a (I do not think that's what I am). I liked going there.

It changed over time. I didn't like the way some posters treated women who were not highly textured or were natural but chose to flat iron or press. It didn't make one feel comfortable or part of the family. I stopped going years ago and when I went back, realized it was a totally different site with a very distinct mission.

Trust me, I understand the need for the site. It's just not for me. I've since found other sites that accept all kinds of hair and am happy. In the end, it's all about what where you feel supported and comfortable.

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