Ok had the Keratin Therapy 1 month ago this week and sad to say that I do see some of the frizz coming back. I would say that it won't last another month. Anyone else find this? I have fine curly hair that is highlighted. I do work out every day so I have to wash it every day but I do use Pureology (which is suggested), I am sad since it has looked so good I want it to last the whole 3 months. I am wondering if anyone exercises alot and has anything to add about this. I do rinse my hair right after my workouts since I was thinking that the sweat would not be good for it. Any comments would be appreciated.
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I have thick, wiry hair that is somewhat highlighted but mostly gray and I have color done every three weeks and highlights (very few) every 3-4 months.

I don't think the Keratin Treatment stayed in my hair very long either -- and I do NOT wash it every day (I wash every 3 days).

I was very careful about product use so as not to ruin the effect. I just think my hair is resistant to a lot of things (color included). HOWEVER, I will likely try this again as I understand for those of us with resistant hair, the second time around is even better. If I see nothing outstanding on treatment #2 - I can at least say I gave it a chance.

I had it down on 4th of July weekend -- and noticed that it was losing that 'frizz free' look around week 5 or 6. I still think it is somewhat easier to blow it out now -- as opposed to before the treatment.