I have 2C-3A THICK curls/waves, and I've found that washing my hair at night achieves freakin' miracles for me. I rinse and condition my hair, then get out of the shower and comb it out with a medium-wide toothed plastic comb. Then, I take Sunsilk 24/7 Anti-Frizz Creme (it's the green bottle), about 2-3 large dollops of it, rub it between my hands, and distribute it throughout my hair, followed by combing to ensure even dispersion. I find that this is a good product for me, simply because it is designed to make your hair dry with less frizzing. Plus, it's cheap! Next, I comb all my hair back into a medium-low pony, combing over my part and even combing my bangs back over the top of my head, and secure with an elastic. I put in boby pins to secure my smoothed bangs, because they will never EVER stay back like that on their own. This also helps to straighten them. Next, I go to bed, ahaha, nothing special there. In the morning, my hair is typically still a bit damp. I remove the pins (some bangs often came out of them already in the night with my tossing & turning- ooops!) and gently undo my pony tail. Then, I wet my hands and get a bit of mousse, and gently finger comb my curls, getting any kinks out. However, I'm considering trying gel instead, it really leaves hair more weightless, but this still works well and adds definition with minimal crunch. Then, a little hairspray or finishing creme is all that's left to add. Also;; A good haircut should fall into place with little product, according to hairstyling pro's. You shouldn't be relying on heavy products to weigh down your hair. Instead, try a cut at or just past your shoulders, and keep anything behind your ears one uniform length. This keeps poofing at bay.

I hope this helped you some! Get ahold of me if you have any more questions..xD
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I don't know if either of you are attempting CG, but this product is FULL of nasty 'cones that will build up in your hair and require sulfate shampoos to remove.
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