Diane, I think your hair looks great! I know you'll miss the length, but if you stick to the CG routine, your hair will maintain its health and recover its long length in no time. Mine grows much faster on the CG routine, almost as fast as it grew while I was pregnant! Drench on that conditioner, girl! :P

As far as CG creams, if you're into the DevaCurl thing, I would try some Set It Free. It's like a cream, but it's a spray...very cool & it smells good like limes. I squirt it right into whatever gel I'm using, mix it up in my hands, and squish/scrunch the mixture into my hair after I scrunch out excess moisture with a microfiber towel. Not an ounce of crunchiness to be found! I also just bought some of the Curls Curl Souffle, and I'm kind of experimenting with it...so far I like it, but it might be a little too heavy for your hair. Smells wonderful, like buttercream frosting on a birthday cake
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