thank you for responses girls =)

Suzi-Q how fast does hair grow when you were pregnant so I get an idea what you mean? LoL =)

I eat a lot of pretein and take biotin pills for my hair already so that will hopefully work with the conditioner. I was conditioning 3 times a week, how many times should I up that to do you think? I want my length back already! I can't get used to it I know its not short short, but for me it is.

kimmyc can i buy any of the creams you mentioned in store or are they all online?

wxgirlcurl- the way my curls were in the older pics is how i want them now!! long and really curly =( i kick myself every day for ever relaxing and cutting it LOL
2C blonde long hair

•ojon + curls
•goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

•hair timeline:
-last cut 4.27.06@ devachan by jeff
-colored 3.6.07
-trimmed on 10.1
-softened @ ouidad 10.20