That tshirt sounds awesome! I want one!!

For the color, I would definitely check how much the color is at Devachan and try to get it done there if it's not too much more than what you were paying before. I know you're not getting highlights, but I've had the pintura method done that they do at Devachan and it was excellent!! Another reason I would get it done there if possible, is that they care so much more for curly than just the average salon which just colors your hair without any regards for the effect it might have on your curls. Does that make sense? I know selfcurledgirl has her hair colored or highlighted there but I can't remember who did hers. Maybe she'll see this and let you know.

Anyway, I think Jeff did a really great job with your hair! It looks very healthy and it will grow back before you know it.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07