You're hair is beautiful!

I agree with Banjocurl: you don't hardly even notice the loss of length. I think once your hair gets past a certain length, it's long and people don't really pay attention to where it touches on your back. They just think you have long hair.

I'm so jealous. I wish I could find someone who specializes in curly hair cuts. I don't have as many options where I live. I need a trip to the big city!
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Ditto everything you said!! Right down to the terrible NC salons for curlies Let me know if you ever find someplace and I will do the same.

BeachBlondeWavie - I love your haircut and your hair is beautiful! I had an entire foot cut off from my hair do to damage, and, I hate it shorter. It is easier for me to handle and style longer, so, I know how you are feeling. But, I think yours is still very long (mine is shoulder length :x ) and is a very good length for you It sounds like you had a very good day yesterday!

Kimmyc had very good recommendations for creams. I was thinking that since you like curl enhancers that re:coil and Rockin' Ringlets would be good options for you.

One more thing, do you think your hair is wavy now, because of the relaxer? I was confused when she said that to you, your older pics look like you are a 3a to me