thank you thank you thank you everybody for the amazing & sweet compliments =) you all are awesome!!!!

i think i am the only one realizing my legnth since a few of my friends in school didn't even notice and i thought they were going to be shocked. one of my friends said wow your hair looks so defined & nice today so at least something was noticed (they all have straight hair lol) also i put a picture of the back of my head before the cut & after the cut right near each other and the back length didnt change too much i think its how he shaped the front parts that are shorter & i notice it. it will grow though.

im glad most of my dead hair is done, it wasn't going too short because before jeff cut i told him at least 3 times i want to keep my length i want to grow my hair out i dont want my hair to be short lol =)

they should have a huge curly event in NYC so you NC curlies (and other curlies who dont have curly salon access) can have an exscuse to come up here & get your hair done! we should make a petition, i would def sign it!!

lush what you said did make sense i remember reading somewhere colroing your hair can change a curls texture and now im scared to do it in the regular salon

i was so excited to try styling my own hair i had to do it today i used the one condition 1st and then no poo and then more one condition since jeff told me condition like crazi. how often am i supposed to no poo now? im not exactly sure of it. after i rinsed i put some one c back on to leave in and after that i brought b'leave-in in the shower and i put it on before i sqeezed the excess water out of my hair....then outside the shower i put alot more b'leave-in on and then angell (this was all holding my hair upside down) i saw such great formation/definition in my hair i was soo happy!!! then i scrunched with the curl ease towel i just got in the mail upside down and then put more angell in (i remember my stylist putting on tons and tons of gel) then i slowly brought my head up and attempted to position clips like she did for my yesterday.

right now my hair is air drying with the clips in my hair so i will post results later. i think i did everything except clip placement right. im going to the mall today and essential sells deva stuff so im going to pick up set it free, i didnt realize it was creamy i thought it was regular hairspray.

also i read on the one-c bottle you can leave it on under a shower cap for an hour for an intense treatment. has anyone ever tried this? with heat? what was the results?

thanks again everyone! so sorry im writing a novel every post im just so excited =)
2C blonde long hair

•ojon + curls
•goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

•hair timeline:
-last cut 4.27.06@ devachan by jeff
-colored 3.6.07
-trimmed on 10.1
-softened @ ouidad 10.20