the worst part about being older, i find, is losing the damn weight! but i love my chocolate and cookies and cakes...! and ice cream....urrrrgggghhhhh!
The best part of getting older is knowing how to deal with the frustrations of life. I've lived long enough to realize there is always a way out of any situation even if it seems dire. I've learned to survive. A friend of mine's commited suicide earlier this year and she was only a month older than me (42). I find myself going along and suddenly saying to myself "Oh, she'll never see, hear, feel, taste that again", and I am spurned on to live! I am spurned on to live my dreams, even if sometimes they seem impossible. Why? Because when you're ashes in a box, you've no chance in hell of starting over.

I'm sorry you ladies feel bad about getting old, but it happens to everybody, if they are lucky. The idea is to live. If you hate getting old, ask yourself this, would you be happier dead? My spirit is richer than it has ever been and I wouldn't trade who I've become for the firmest ass or the highest teats.
when all else

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