You have accomplished a lot on your own.
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to quote Shakespeare - there's the rub.

i've actually accomplished nothing in my life. my existence is totally worthless and pointless. i have never done anything that mattered or made a difference in anyone's life. no one wants to be with me - even spend time with me.

one of the things that was distressing me so much the other night was thinking of the two boys that i loved so much back when i was at university - Frank and David. they are both dead now; Frank died in the summer between 3rd and 4th year of cancer - a swift-moving version of the disease - and he was only 23. David died almost a decade ago - also of cancer. but he had a wife and children and parents and brothers and a law practice he had started with his friends.

one of them never got a start in life and the other had everything in the world to live for and he died at 40. and i'm still here - doing nothing with no one who loves me and nothing to live for.

i know life isn't fair - there are just some things that make less sense than others...
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You're just not seeing your accomplishments. There are people who know me that think I have accomplished a lot, too, & I'm like, really. I don't see it also. Please don't feel that no one loves you & you have nothing to live for. We are all here for a purpose. We just have to find out what that is. I've lost friends, too. My best friend in high school died at 18. Two of my bf's committed suicide in their 40's. Fortunately, not while I was involved with them. If you feel there is nothing to live for, then you need to find something. You have such a wonderful, giving nature. I'm sure there are people who would benefit from that.
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