about makeup for us "older" women...

a couple of days after i filed this with G&M, i read an article that had a couple of tips i found to be REALLY strange!

for example, one of them said to apply your foundation starting at the jaw line and then to feather it UP!

now, i don't know about you, but i still mostly need foundation in my t-zone, especially around my nose, and much less of it on the outer reaches of my face. the reasoning behind the "feather it up" technique is that we have more lines in the centre of our face and we don't want foundation to gather in the creases, as it were.

frankly, at this age, i think we all know how to apply makeup so that it enhances our features, and that includes avoiding having it "gather" in the creases.

the other tip that had me going HUH, was:

stop using more than one colour at a time on your eye lids.

there was no rationale given for that one.

all i can say is; i have 3 MAC 15-pan palettes full of colour, not to mention my stuff from Stila and NARS. if i wore only one colour a day for the rest of my life, my heirs would probably be able to make a pretty penny selling off my rare MAC eye shadows as part of my estate.

so - NUTS to that!!!

most days, i do wear two or three colours. and i will continue to, as long as it looks good!!!!

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