My father found out at 66 years old, that he has the sickle cell trait. Which most likely means I have it.

I'm not worried, but I'm not elated either since I have relatives on my mother's side who have sickle cell anemia, not the trait. Hopefully my mother doesn't have this trait because if they both do......wowzers. Guess at some point soon I'll be paying a visit to the doctor to find out definitively.

I just find it interesting that NO one picked up on this. Especially with all of the bloodwork he's had over the last 12 years; being in and out of hospitals for various ailments and heath issues. He thinks he's always had the trait and they just never realized it.

On a lighter note....classes start back up tomorrow. And I get to hang out with my new favorite person who's leaving next Friday. We're going to have SO much fun this Friday at that party. Catered food, a bartender(open bar) AND music. Yup. AND we apparently had the same idea for clothing. We're going to be dressed in the same cute. LOL!
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