Hi rouquinne!
Great article and tips, and I couldn't agree with you more about how us mature women are constantly being told "not" to do certain things! It's almost like they want us to disappear, hence the usual advice for bland looks! Finally some relevant advice that allows for individual cosmetic expression by us baby boomers that don't like to be put into the proverbial "old lady" box, or just as bad IMO, the generic look that seems to be very prevalent in makeovers of baby boomer women. I agree with you about the newer shimmer-containing products being some good choices. I have several things in this category, and they really are very nice without the dreaded sparkly or disco-ball effect so they work even during the daytime.
As far as exactly what makeup look, or what hair length, that depends entirely on the individual woman's overall look and lifestyle.
Here I am, 61, and if I went by what the mags told me, I'd be wearing some nice inoffensive pant suit or generic-looking dress or suit or something, with a blondish highlighted blown-dry bob or shorter, and safe-looking jewelry and totally bland makeup. Instead, I wear jeans, layered looks in rich colors that I often dye myself, and wild reddish-brown curls that have not seen a blow-dryer since the mid-70s, any jewelry that I'm in the mood for, or not. People tell me all the time I look great, and that they wish they could dress like me(I'm still trim, so I can do those layered looks without looking like a sausage or a ship under full sail).
health-conscious, visionary artist in transition