Ok,well now Im confused.Am I a 3b or 3c, or a 3b with some 3c in there somewhere? :headscratch:headscratch.gif In Andres breakdown of the hair types he describes 3b curls as follows, "3B is like sidewalk chalk or salt shaker circumference".Um,my curls arent that big,theyre tighter than that,well most of them anyway.Then he says,"3C has really really tight curls, like pencil or straw circumference" and thats how some of my curls are.The majority of my curls are tight,like a Rub-A-Dub marker circumference...much tighter than sidewalk chalk curls but not as tight as pencil curls.I guess Im both then....
Hair type-3b,brunette
Length-Midback when wet
Conditioner-Pantene Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing