Its so wierd how it always just works out. I am broke as hell but I find an extra 40 bucks in a random box while unpacking. Then we find CHEAP plane tickets so I can spend the extra money I had saved for that. Someone finally wants to buy my laptop so thats an extra 100 bucks. My aunt is coming to stay with me this weekend and she always leaves me 60 bucks without me asking...damn. Im just not sure how it works out this way. I can be neck deep in **** and slowly but surely it finds a way to work out. I may be broke as hell living on my own..but Im making it!! Guess I CAN afford toilet paper this week

OHMYGOD. I started swimming again yesterday. 45 minutes of torture! My arms started giving out after one 200. My legs where jiggling to high heaven while I gave my arms a break and kicked for about 500. I know its for the best and it wont take too long to get my body back into the swimming 5 days a week routine but yesterday I felt so so so crappy and fat! But it is the first night that I have slept a full 8 hours straight since moving into my apartment! Yea for that!

J- you call me 'babe' I love it. Im thinking I am falling hard for you...and its WAY soon...but its ok, because damnit its about time I fall again
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"