"I'm with you! I saw a book a year or so back with fashion advice for women over 40, and it had the NERVE to say that no woman over 40 should ever appear in public with bare arms! And not just bare -- even short sleeves were a no-no.

Huh????? Yeah, like I lift weights so that I can wear long sleeves every day. Like I'm going to wear long sleeves when it's 90 degrees out.

Threw that book aside in haste!" - wavycurly40+

I think I saw the same book in the last year or so at Borders - I couldn't believe it! They had other needlessly conservative advice too, taking all the fun out of looking good. Again, like we're supposed to disappear into the woodwork with these drearily generic, bland styles and looks! Like you, I lift weights as part of a comprehensive physical program, and let me tell you, I still have good arms at 61, and the beginnings of nice deltoid definition as well. Even my skin quality is still good, with far less crepiness than would be expected at my age(extra-virgin coconut rules as my only body treatment along with the occasional scrub, plus a great diet loaded with raw produce which makes a HUGE difference!)So I'm wearing short sleeves anytime I want!
Last but not least, some of us who are higher-contrast by coloring, need more oomph in our makeup. Personally I wear a couple of eyeshadow colors during the day, with a gorgeous smokey charcoal green eyeliner that really makes my eyes pop, sheer foundation, a nice bronzer as blush, and a rich nude daytime lipstick. At night I'll wear a warm plum lipstick with some rich gloss on it, and that same gloss works on the nude lipstick too. A richer coral blush works at night too for me. I love makeup and haircoloring, and I'll likely be coloring my hair(rich reddish-brown, no bland blonde shades) for a long time, like g-string granny mentioned in another thread.
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