Hi multicurly, thanks also for sharing. Did your hair return completely to normal? I havent noticed any lasting change to my hair, although I do wonder why it suddenly broke off last summer... i have no idea why that happened. I was at a low weight but not my lowest weight and was still having periods at the time, so i dont know what caused it. These days i do try to eat more protein these days. I think my hair liked it best when I was (obsessively) on Atkins!

How long ago were you ill? I hope you are well and happy now honey xxx
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Thanks. My hair and I are fine. :-) It was about eight years ago. I now eat a balanced diet and try to do everything in moderation. I no longer keep track of what I eat, how much I exercise or how much I weigh. That made it easier for me to become normal again.

I agree that eating protein keeps hair healthy. I also noticed that if I keep my stress level down, my hair and skin look great.
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