Unfortunately, I've only ever been able to find emulsifiers through internet stores, such as theherbarie or fromnaturewithlove.com Other types are: vegetable emulsifying wax, acacia gum, lechthin, beeswax ect, but I find that these don't always give consistent results. They either don't emulsify the Co fully, or else they make my hair look bad. I use the BTMS conditioning emulsifier from theherbarie because it consists of cetyl alcohol and Behentrimonium chloride, the ingredients most similar to the emulsifier used in the Deva products. Sorry I can't help more


I use about a teaspoon and a half of preservative per every four cups of conditioner I make.

BethV and brwn_i'd_wndr,

sorry, I must have posted the site address wrong! Thanks for clarifying
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!