The vast majority of people I know who vote Republican have no money (are poor) so the redistribution of wealth fear must not be why they vote that way.

I've always assumed they vote that way because of religion...but I really don't know.
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I guess count me in on the first part. I'm probably poor by most people here's standards. I'm an almost 25-y/o single woman who makes under 30k a year despite working two jobs - one full time, one part time, having a (two year, granted) college degree, with no money in savings, no retirement, and some credit card debt for items like car repairs and dental work, not luxury items. I drive a 10 y/o vehicle, FINALLY have health insurance provided by my employer, and usually have no money left after I pay my bills, gas, and food. My family is even poorer than I am because they still live in my hometown and no one else went to college. I grew up in an 1,100 square foot house with five-six (depending) people living in it and one bathroom, with a household income of 18k and no insurance whatsoever. We ate a lot of pinto beans and balogna.

So I would guess all that puts me into the working poor category. Yet I am still conservative - Libertarian, really, but I've traditionally voted Republican. I'm not religious at all and while I am pro-life (not for religious reasons, but because I think a fetus is a life with rights), I am for gay marriage, and I think most drugs should be legalized for personal use. Back to the Libertarian thing I suppose.

Obviously, I don't vote Republican based on my morals or my religion (since I don't have any). And I don't vote Republican because it benefits me being in a higher tax bracket... lol. I do still pay a lot of taxes in, as I have no kids and only get the standard deduction and my own exemption, so I don't like the idea of paying more than I do now with no benefit to me whatsoever.

It IS about what NetG said, the way I think money should be spent, the way I think things should work, etc. I believe in a free market, capitalism, and in being rewarded for working hard, doing something well, and being able to move up in life and make something of yourself. I think the liberals have a lot of good ideas about how things should be and what they want, but I don't think they are always realistic and I don't like more taxes and more government involvement.

I think conservatives get a bad rap because people see them vote against things like minimum wage increases, universal healthcare, more benefits for the poor, and those people assume that the conservatives just don't care about people or that they are all rich. But it isn't that simple.

People generalize and simplify too much.