It IS about what NetG said, the way I think money should be spent, the way I think things should work, etc. I believe in a free market, capitalism, and in being rewarded for working hard, doing something well, and being able to move up in life and make something of yourself. I think the liberals have a lot of good ideas about how things should be and what they want, but I don't think they are always realistic and I don't like more taxes and more government involvement.

I think conservatives get a bad rap because people see them vote against things like minimum wage increases, universal healthcare, more benefits for the poor, and those people assume that the conservatives just don't care about people or that they are all rich. But it isn't that simple.
Here is the problem:
If you are wealthy, you are allowed to be average. Poor people have to be superman/woman and we won't expect anything less than them.

As for minumum wage jobs, we need people to sweep the streets, pick our fruit, bag our groceries, etc. I venture to say these people have more of an impact on your day to day life than some guy crunching numbers for some corporation. If someone is working, they should be able to support themself.
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How do you think most rich people got to where they are? Some are lucky, sure. Some had it handed to them. I'll admit that just as readily as I will admit that some rich people (and some middle class and poor too!) cheat the tax system.

But the fact is, lots of rich people got rich by doing SOMEthing very well and working their asses off to move up in life. What makes you say they are allowed to be average? I don't understand what you mean.

There's a lot of risk vs. reward out there. I'm not rich. I'm pretty poor. I could take a huge risk and go out and start a business. It will likely fail. Or it may prosper. People do this every day. I assist all sorts of little people, every day, in filing the necessary paperwork to start a corporation or an LLC. It's part of my job. Lots of these small businesses grow and become big. Lots of them fail. That's just life and it isn't guaranteed.

Actually, I work in accounting, so someone crunching numbers is pretty important to my life. But that's not your point at all... I just thought it was ironic that you say that, hehe. I agree that people who work should be able to get by. But I think that setting and raising things like minimum wage only hurts us in the long run. Federal minimum wage has went from $5.15 to $6.55 over the past couple years. Do you think any of those people are doing better than they were two years ago? I doubt it.

Why do I say that? Because :
1) increasing minimum wage drives inflation. Businesses face higher payroll (and payroll tax!) expenses. They raise their prices.
2) Employers, especially of small businesses, are forced to cut hours to keep up with the increased labor costs, increased payroll taxes, higher prices THEY are paying for everything due to #1, above. This means that the person making minimum wage is either working a more stressful job than before, without enough staff to help, or their hours have been cut, so that they are not actually bringing home any more pay, but ARE paying more for taxes and more for essentially everything they are buying.

I think that less government control just simply works better. Things that look good on paper often don't work as well when practiced. They often affect more than just the worker or just the employer. They have an effect on all of us and our economy as a whole.

In a free market economy as we were intended to be, people would be rewarded for a good job. What good does it do someone to work a minimum wage job and work their ass off? None. Because the person standing next to them, drooling and scratching their butt while they're fixing your Big Mac, is making the same thing they are. Trust me, I've worked minimum wage jobs. I KNOW that it sucks. That's why I went to school and got out of that mess. Is it always easy? Of course not. There would also be healthy competition. McDonald's pays $6.00 an hour but Hardees pays $7.00. No one will work at McDonald's so they are forced to compete with Hardees and get some help. Very simplified, silly analogy, but I think it still applies.

To sum it all up, I think the government should stay out of a lot of things they are currently involved in, and it isn't because I am rich or because I don't care about people. It is because I think that they use these things to get votes - pretend they care, when they usually don't. And I think that things that look great on paper don't work so well, especially when the government is involved. They are wasteful and inefficient.