While I don't have allegiance to any party, the last time I voted republican was for Guiliani for mayor in NYC.

The mayor before him was David Dinkins - and was pretty much placed on a pedistal to help reform the crap from the previous mayor and he was the first black mayor of NYC. All I remember during that time was the city going to poo, seeing crack viles appear everywhere in my working-class neighborhood, my brother being beat up for having a bike, and his friends being assaulted for having a leather jacket. Bryant park (now well known for fashion week) permeated with piss and poo. I didn't feel safe, nor did my family feel safe.

Guiliani made me feel like he'll clean things up.

And when he did, I thought it was great. I even moved into Manhattan and felt safe walking the streets late at night (not that I did this a lot mind you).

Unfortunately, many innocent people suffered under Guiliani - specifically the poor, miniorities and small entreprenures.

From that experience, I've learned that when I cast my vote for anyone, it shouldn't be all about me. I need to think of how decisions impact others, and what I believe makes for a better society.

The social conservatism that has permeated the republican party lately has led me to vote independent or democrat.

I also believe in being rewarded for working hard, etc.

But I'm also very aware of how America's history has, continues to create an uneven playing field for too many.

I'm aware that the basics of capitalism is that there are winners and loosers. For some aspects of society, having loosers (ie healthcare, education) is far too great of a cost.

I'm aware that the Free Market is not the crux of American economics, as much as we've been led to believe that it is.

Until America truly addresses its sexism, racism, and tolerance for poverty, can we implement some of the economic policies embraced by libertarians.

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