i don't think obama said he was black. he's always said he was biracial. i think society groups him as black and black americans embrace and accept him.
perhaps the question should be asked why doesn't white america embrace him as one of them?
black americans are products of slavery and have lived in this country for hundreds of years. his black ancestry is directly from africa. culturally he shares very little with black americans.
he has been raised by his white family members and didn't even "get" black people as he was growing up.
it's kind of absurd how he's been painted as this black radical just because he has black features and a black wife.
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if he didn't grow up participating in his father's african heritage and culture, then he is as detached from his african roots as the majority of black americans are.

and a reason why many/most white people may not accept him as being partly one of them is because, at face value, he doesn't even look biracial (at least, not to me). he looks like a black man. and he's married to a darker-skinned black women, and they have two medium-dark skinned children.

i think if obama looked more like this guy, how white people personally identified with him could be different. this is totally conjecture, of course, because i've never ever asked a white person how they identify with people who are half black half white.

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