I'm a liberal because I'm immature and refuse to grow up??? You're kidding right???
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Indeed, that op-ed was awfully condescending towards the left. We're not all blind idealists.
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And yet almost everything you see about Republicans is as condescending and negative toward them. Check out the original post if you don't see what I mean.

I think it's ridiculous to have all the pointing fingers and negativity on both sides. It comes down to different things being the most important issues to people, and they vote based on what's most important to them.
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I agree.

I find it really interesting to hear people say they think republicans vote based on what benefits them and that Democrats vote for the bigger picture.

I guess it could be a regional thing, but I see the exact opposite. From the Dems I know personally IRL, I hear a lot of, "They are for the little guy, like me and that's why I vote for them. I'm not rich enough to benefit from voting for a Conservative."

I actually have an acquaintance who says he is Libertarian but votes Democratic now because he's poor. One day, when he's rich, he will vote Libertarian or Republican. I told him he was being a moron, that it wasn't all about him, and that it is instead all about how you view things as a whole.

I've already expressed my thoughts on this and the fact that I'm not at all rich and have been quite poor, but I've always voted Republican. To me it IS about the big picture and that is why I vote the way I do. I have no hopes of being rich... atleast not realistic ones. I don't think that I will be. And I also don't think that Republicans favor the rich, while Dems all help the poor. I don't think it is that simple. If I thought that, I would likely vote very differently.