The vast majority of people I know who vote Republican have no money (are poor) so the redistribution of wealth fear must not be why they vote that way.

I've always assumed they vote that way because of religion...but I really don't know.
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I guess count me in on the first part. ...snip...

I think conservatives get a bad rap because people see them vote against things like minimum wage increases, universal healthcare, more benefits for the poor, and those people assume that the conservatives just don't care about people or that they are all rich. But it isn't that simple.

People generalize and simplify too much.
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And that's not fair. Most conservatives that I know are very much about helping others, they just don't believe it is the government's job to do so much of it. Someone said something about society having an obligation to do certain things. In my experience, one of the things that libertarians and conservatives have in common with each other, and where they differ from liberals, is in how they define society. Libertarians and conservatives usually see society as "us" regular people doing something about things; liberals see it as them casting the right vote, and the government taking care of it.

Yes, I am sure there are many liberals who do help others, and give to charity, etc, so don't go off, please, I am talking about the philosophy that leads to voting. Liberals vote for the person who promises to get the government to do something about it (whatever it may be) and libertarians & conservatives vote for the guy who will let them keep more of their freedom and money, so that things can be done on a local and personal level.

Interestingly, that is also reflected in the way people give to charities. Research has consistently found (as was reported by on 20/20 ) in 2006, that people who vote and call themselves conservative give more, much more, to charity than liberals. Apparently, conservatives put their money where their mouth is. Liberals want to put someone else's money there.

Yes, these are generalizations, but they hold true for a large majority.
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