he looks black. he identifies with black. i call him black.

though i agree, dark beige seems more accurate a hue.

i respect that people like to include all of their racial make-ups in how they describe themselves. but if at face value, you don't appear to be anything other than a prodimant race, that's the race i'll be thinking of when i see you.

i was recently watching a documentary about being black in america and saw a clip about a black woman, her white husband, and their biracial son. now, their son at face value did not look remotely black to me. he didn't look like a light skinned black person. he looked mediterranean/greek, from hair to facial features. i didn't see mama in any part of his face. and if most people passed him on the street, i'd imagine that they'd think he was a foreigner, as he also didn't have a "white" look to his face either.
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Genes are funny things. I've seen some biracial (1/2 black/1/2 white) people that are similar to Obama in color and featurewise. I've seen some that look less black than I do as a "quadroon." I've seen many quads that look obviously black, some look very Caucasion, like Victoria Rowell's daughter. I've been told I don't know how many times that I look Greek. I have no idea what Greeks look like. ME, I guess! Black people almost always know that I have black in me. I've gone to identifying as black partly for that reason.