I got this from yesterday's newspaper... in the USA Weekend. I LOVE banana cream pie! I just thought this was appropriate since we just had a thread a few weeks ago about our favorite pies. YUUUUMMMY.


If your favorite pie is this, you're...

*Apple. Wholesome and a bit middle-of-the road, playing it safe.

*Banana cream. An overachiever who just wants to relax and not be in charge.

*Blueberry. Outdoorsy and determined.

*Cherry. Oversweet, in need of tarness and passion.

*Chocolate. Suave, seductive, strong, addictive.

*Coconut cream. Probably a man seeking an exotic-lite escape from reality.

*Lemon. Bright, energetic and sharp-tongued.

*Mincemeat. An Anglophile who watches Masterpiece Theater, listens to NPR and fantasizes about being in England, sipping port with pie.

*Peach. A sun-worshiper who's found sunshine on a pie plate.

*Pecan. Simple in your tastes and seeking more sweetness in life.

*Pumpkin. Attatched to your past but comfy in your present.

*Rhubarb. Old-fashioned (or a total hipster).

*Sweet potato. Family-oriented, with a real sense of Southern hospitality.
3 b/c curls with bangs.