I thought I'd start a thread where we SD curlies and wavies can dish about the stylists we've been to here and give kudos or warnings, as appropriate. ;P I haven't actually been to too many, since I'm a little phobic about bad cuts or color, but here's where I've been:

Ulta - Don't. Just...don't. It's like every bad to mediocre SuperCuts you've ever been to. D+

Michael David Hair Design - I went to Audra here for a long time, but became gradually pretty dissatisfied with her level of service and the fact that she's one of those stylist that wields a flat-iron like an extension of her silicone-coated arm. She was very unenthusiastic about helping me go wavy when I started leaning that way. Buh-bye. C-

Aveda Young Attitudes - Brandi (I think.) Well-meaning, but completely clueless about how to treat and cut curly hair differently than straight, even with a curly mother. Also, unprofessional enough to not cancel or reschedule with me when she had to be out on the day of one of our appointments. I ended up being foisted off on some random stylist after I got there, who was even more clueless. Ironically, I almost passed out from the fumes of a perm going on across the room. C

Diamantes - Kirk. Sweet, seems to have had some experience with Deva training, even though he doesn't show up on their salon/stylist locator. I'd probably still be going to him if he'd listen when I say I don't like the straighter under-bits of my hair to hang down, and please make it even. But he is decent, as are his prices. B-

London Calling - Jody Snyder. Is there a special level in Dante's Hell for really bad stylists? Because this woman needs to be in it. She butchered my hair, and I'm pretty sure she also fried it with cr@ppy color - not too sure about that because I'm strangely hazy on that part now. Maybe I have hair PTSD from it all. She's also given a really lousy cut to someone else that I know of, and then asked them not to give her a bad review here. In case it's not obvious, this is the stylist I've mentioned elsewhere. F-

Travis Parker Salon - Franco. Actually pretty darn good. He's the education director there, super sweet, and good at cuts so far. He doesn't cut dry and loves his 'cones, but he's great at color and blowouts or updo's - really great. He's been highlighting me using the balayage technique (painting on, like pintura) and I'm loving the effect. Mostly I'm still looking for someone else even while going to him because I have yet to get a really good dry/deva cut and I'm curious to see if it really improves my wave pattern at all, and because he's pricey. B+/A-

And, here's who/where I'm considering going to next, in vague order of preference (subject to change after I consult with them, of course). Any thoughts/recommendations/warnings about any of them to help me cull the herd?

Kate at Hairspray - found several good reviews from curlies on Yelp.com, and now I'm very curious.

Chuck or Jenn at E-Factor - a good curly review on Yelp and Deva certified, too.

MaryAnn Castaneda at Taglio Salon (in Escondido) - a personal recommendation from a fellow forumite through PM and Deva certified. She'll likely drop down in rank if her prices aren't very reasonable, though, considering the distance I'd have to drive.

Suzanne at Re:Vive - recommended by CurlyBel on a different thread, and Deva certified. Hesitant here because she's pricey and the salon she's at has a couple questionable reviews on Yelp. (Not her, the salon in general.) Plus, she charges $30 for the consult (applicable to the cut) just because it's Deva? Do I have that right? Hmmm.

Hair Drezzers on Fire or MaryJane Salon - fabulous reviews on Yelp, not sure if they're worth anything yet, though.

Soooo, anybody else??

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Jody is the best the best stylist I've ever been to. As the saying goes "everyone has an opinion" but Koukla has the wrong info! Jody knows the clients hair and does a great job!!! Go to to her and you'll be amazed!!!

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