Greetings from the west coast of Canada!

I am a woman, 52, have long (a little past my waist when wet) hair between a 3a and 3 b.

Lately I've been trying something new, and that is to leave my conditioner on (anything without silicone or fragrance) and using a leave-in, too. I still get a bunch of hair that goes each in its own direction. My sister is trying the "wash with conditioner" thing, but I can't do that because my scalp gets really nasty. I wash only my scalp and always have.

If I braid it a little when it's almost dry, that helps. I wrap the ends around my finger and put a little clip to hold it until it dries.

My hair takes about five hours to dry on a good day, up to about 7 hours on a humid day. If I sleep on it wet, it takes into the morning to dry.

There's my story! Now I am going to read all about you.