Well as most of you know I had what I thought was very nice curly hair and then decided to get a color and cut and the lady ended up razor cutting my nice curls. I didn't know then that that was a BIG NO NO. Since then I have become CG and found this website.
I went yesterday to get my first DevaCut to fix the "Hackjob" I got from the razoring.
I went to Jennifer Sparano, here in San Diego. She was So nice and very informative and she did a great job of getting the yucky ends out without having to shave my head! and.... it only cost me FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!!!!! I would definitely recommend her to everyone!!!
pics are in my Fotki!
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Hi JWalk:

I can't wait to see the pictures, but it tells me that the password is expired?

What's the password to get into your Fotki?

3B, thick, course, and lots of it!
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