Just wondering, does anyone remember Bobby Sherman?

I thought he was really something, oh, many years ago.
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More disappointments...
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Thanks for the pic, elfsmomsc. When I was 9 years old, I had posters of both Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy on my wall. Those two were always featured in "Teen Beat" magazine.

Yes, he's older, but I think he's holding up pretty well. I guess g-string nolikey?

Is that a police officer's uniform he's wearing?

Thanks for the memories!
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He's an EMT. He still tours...friend of mine knows him through his fan club....she's been really active and has gotten to know him over the years. He still does some tours...really nice guy. Remembers her and visits with her. She hears from him via email from time to time. He often tours with Davy Jones and Peter Noone. Jones drinks too much and is rather rude (she's met him also), but Peter Noone is a real sweetie. I've heard a number of interviews with Noone on Dennis Miller and he comes across as an incredibly nice man.
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