I WAS 3b and right now I think I am more about 2b-ish, my hair tends to get curlier and more "ringletty" as it gets longer too. I got some Deva products when i went to see Jennifer so I'm gonna see how I do using those. I only got the smaller bottles and not the huge, jumbo ones.
Jen was great and she'll talk you through everything. I know she does do color also, she even mentioned that she does the "pintura" method of coloring/highlighting. If you want to get color from her I would suggest calling and letting her know so she could either reschedule you or have you come in earlier because she did mention to me that she likes to do the coloring BEFORE she does the cutting.
I had gone somewhere else for the color, as a matter of fact, the person who colored my hair was the same person who RAZOR cut my hair. I love the color but the razor cutting is what made me have to go a lot shorter than I wanted to.
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