I recommend taking the time to read and learn more about it all, so when you are ready--you can make informed choices.

The powersurge website is a great resource. Check it out.

Some books:

Before the Change: Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause by Ann Louise Gittleman

(She tends to recommend her products and resources, it's how she makes a living--so take that for what it is and know there are other item brands just as good or better. Otherwise a solid resource!)

The Hormone Survival Guide by Nisha Jackson Ph.D.

(An ok pre-cursor to hormones, bio-hrt, traditional treatments, etc. If a local library has it, check it out.)

Hormones, Health and Happiness: A Natural Medical Formula for Rediscovering Youth with Bioidentical Hormones by Steven Hotze

(I haven't finished this book, yet. But I like what I've read thus far. I've read other articles by this doctor that I found informative and helpful. I like his work and approach to hormone balancing. His clinic gets rave reviews for it's work.).

Suzanne Somers' book is also a good resource. Haven't read it personally.

Also the doctor she speaks of in her book--Dr. John Lee. (google him to find his website).

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