i am so happy i found this site. for the past couple of years it's been impossible to straighten my hair it's wavy but in the back of my head (2c) it just won't straighten no matter what i do or who helps me. so i broke down and bought a Chi flat iron that cost me about $100. to me thats alot of money. and after only useing it about 3 times, i gave up. hair won.
that was about a year and a half ago. i've been following the CG method for about 3 weeks or so and i already see an improvement. thanks everybody
2a/2c frizzy with occasional spirals at the ends
modified CG since 9-?-08

Poo: TJ's Tea Tree Tingle
Co-wash: Suave naturals coconut, TJ's replenish
LI: Giovanni LI
I love: acv rinses, jojoba oil
Playing with: Giovanni sunset styling lotion, honey, LOOB, KY, AVG, Fructis spray gel, flax seed gel